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https://weightlossboard.com/ uses the cookies which are usually known as the files that bear the identifier. These might be in the form of a letter, string or even a number. This identifier is stored and sent back to the server to be appeared in future on browser’s request from the web server. Our site uses the persistent and sessional cookies. The persistent cookie remains intact in the web browser unless it does not reach its expiration date or gets deleted by the user manually. On the other hand, the life span server cookie is very short and the cookie gets disappeared as soon as the user leaves the browser. The cookies are just to ensure that the users reach the page anytime they intend to find it and we do not intend at all in recording or sharing the personal information of the users. Whatsoever the information shared or saved can be sustained and obtained from the cookies.

The website also contains hyperlinks and details of linked websites to which the users are redirected sometimes. We have no connection with these third party websites and take no responsibility or liability of the security of users on these websites. We include these third party sites just to ensure the proper and complete flow of information for the users to have a comprehensive guideline. We will not be held liable for the misleading or in correct information shared on those platforms and only hold the responsibility for the content shared on our site specifically.

We declare that we only hold your information which is shared at the time of buying any of the offered services, for a very short time which the law allows. The information is always sought when genuinely needed for the providence of services. We strictly follow the legislatively defined parameters and assure no violence of consumer rights from our end.