Trying to soothe the common cold and flu can be as easy as having the chicken soup and rinsing with salt water. Remember the time when your grandma used to be so concerned about your health, it turns out that she was up to something! Want to give a try to her home remedies? These home remedies will make you feel better in a couple of hours, without any doubt. 

Intake of Fluid

Do you know that hydration plays an important role in managing the moisture? In such a case, fluids can moisturize the lining of the throat and nose, which will clear the mucus? Try to drink lots of fluids but ensure that you may not consume alcohol and caffeinated drinks because they can cause dehydration. 

Broths and Soups

Have you ever tried to make chicken soup, when you are not feeling well? One can easily feel the betterment concerning his mucus and may experience the loosening up. So take some broths and soups, before that flue gets worse.

Rinse and Gargle

Following the past studies, the use of hot water with salt can help and individual in reducing the symptoms of cold and flu. It is recommended to try this tip thrice a day because it can prevent the infections of upper respiratory tract infections. 

Air Humidifier 

By making use of an air humidifier, you can have the clean nasal passage however one should know the basic guidelines and instructions to manage things from their end.

Nose-cleaning Devices

Apart from the soups, and fluids, the use of neti pot can be beneficial in health and food stores but before using the device, one should ensure that it is clean and they are safe to use. Filling the pots with saltwater and allowing the saline solution to flow up the passage of your nose – can help an individual to feel better.

Take Echinacea Use of some Coneflower 

The past studies have shown the impacts of echinacea on the improvement of cold symptoms. On the other hand, various experiments have recommended that this may assist in reducing the period of respirational infections.


Keeping these old cold remedies aside, you might have heard about the use of vitamins? Consider the use of Vitamin C as a supplement by having the relevant food items, for instance, the citrus fruits, green peppers dark leafy greens and the list goes on.

Zinc Lozenges 

When being evaluated for the common flu, the mineral zinc shows some positive reviews for instance there had been some studies that proved that zinc lozenges can help to manage the condition of cold and flu. As per the review of the Cochrane Database of Systematics, there are some mixed aspects of zinc that can be considered when we talk about the common cold and flu.


Keeping in mind the aspects of cold and flu, it is highly recommended to massage your nose. It must be done at the nostril’s lower border while the scientific experiments have shown the mixed reviews. It may vary from person to person but nasal massage can be of utmost significance as per the work issued in the American Journal of Rhinology.

Medications and Some common Drugs

One may not consider this approach as a home remedy due to various reasons but there’s no denying the fact that you can have some relief with the help of over-the-counter (OTC). As soon as one can observe the symptoms of cold, they can take medications like Mucinex or Tylenol. Talk to your clinician in case of high blood pressure, because the OTC medications may harm you in this regard. Last but not least, one should keep a check on a well-balanced diet so that their immune system can respond in such conditions.

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